The Alliance for Positive Youth Development (APYD) is an initiative founded in 2012 by the SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization. The foundation awards free and low-cost consulting services to organizations working to improve positive youth outcomes. A core part of the work of APYD is to raise awareness of best practices and effective strategies in the youth development field.

APYD Provides Virtual Internships, Educational Resources, and Collaborative Work.

Meet the APYD Team

Dr. Thenera Bailey (she/her)



Ileana Naranjo (she/her)

APYD Program Manager

Naomi Guinn Headshot

Naomi Guinn (she/her)

Policy and Advocacy Intern

Shaylyn Garay Headshot

Shaylyn Garay (she/her)

Community Development Intern

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